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Ottawa SEOIf you are reading this right now you have probably typed into Google one of the following phrases; Ottawa SEO, SEO Ottawa or search engine optimization Ottawa. That’s how internet or search marketing works. If you are an internet marketing service in the Ottawa Ontario region and you want people to find you then you would need to optimize for those keyword phrases (long tail keywords) so that when someone searches for an internet marketing company in Ottawa, using those keywords, you want to show up on the front page of the search engines.

There are various ways you can accomplish this none of which are all that easy anymore because of the competitive nature of search engine optimization. Like everything else having to do with technology, you have to be a student of online marketing to have any success at all or you simply will be left behind.

There are different areas of SEO to consider.

On-site SEO

On-site search engine optimization is simply defined as the things you do on your physical site to help the search engines rank your site page higher than you competitors with the goal of eventually being ranked ahead of everyone else, to find out more click on On-site SEO.

Off –site SEO

Off-site SEO is the work you do that encompasses a range of things such as one way back links from other sites and blogs and various social media. This is at the heart of most SEO endeavours. To find out more about this subject, click on Off-site SEO.

Landing Page Optimization

When a visitor finds you online and clicks on your site they will land on one of the pages, usually the Home page. Landing page optimization includes motivating that visitor to take action and contact you. L.P.O. is a science all to itself, to find out more just click on Landing Page Optimization.

Here is a video about SEO that I think you may enjoy. On it Matt Cutts talks about “Which is more important: content or links?

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